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Tag and Loading control Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
AP0422RabbitPhospho-NTRK2-Y515TRKB; trk-B; GP145-TrkB;$300Add to Cart
AP0421RabbitPhospho-NOS3-S1177eNOS; ECNOS;$300Add to Cart
AP0221RabbitPhospho-STMN1-S38Lag; SMN; OP18; PP17; PP19; PR22; LAP18; C1orf215;$300Add to Cart
AP0214RabbitPhospho-PTK2B-Y402PKB; PTK; CAKB; FAK2; PYK2; CADTK; FADK2; RAFTK;$300Add to Cart
AP0213RabbitPhospho-VASP-S157VASP$300Add to Cart
AP0212RabbitPhospho-NFKBIE-S22IKBE;$300Add to Cart
AP0211RabbitPhospho-TH-S40TYH; DYT14; DYT5b;$300Add to Cart
AP0210RabbitPhospho-TH-S31TYH; DYT14; DYT5b;$300Add to Cart
AP0209RabbitPhospho-MAP2K1/MAP2K2-S217/S221CFC3/CFC4; MEK1/MEK2; MKK1/MKK2; MAPKK1/MAPKK2; PRKMK1/PRKMK2;$300Add to Cart
AP0127RabbitPhospho-ATF2-S62/S44HB16; CREB2; TREB7; CRE-BP1;$300Add to Cart
A830023RPTORKOG1; Mip1;$220Add to Cart
A8298RabbitCOX7A2LEB1; SIG81; COX7AR; COX7RP;$220Add to Cart
A8297RabbitGTF2H2C_2GTF2H2D;$220Add to Cart
A8293RabbitAPITD1MHF1; CENPS; CENP-S; FAAP16;$220Add to Cart
A8292RabbitTICAM2TIRP; TRAM; TIRAP3; MyD88-4; TICAM-2;$220Add to Cart
A8290RabbitCEP57L1cep57R; C6orf182; bA487F23.2;$220Add to Cart
A8289RabbitRSPO1RSPO; CRISTIN3;$220Add to Cart
A8288RabbitIFNL1IL29; IL-29;$220Add to Cart
A8287RabbitSTXBP4Synip;$220Add to Cart
A8285RabbitHYLS1HLS;$220Add to Cart
A8284RabbitLLGL2HGL; LGL2; Hugl-2;$220Add to Cart
A8282RabbitDCP2NUDT20;$220Add to Cart
A8281RabbitDEDD2FLAME-3;$220Add to Cart
A8280RabbitDACT3RRR1; DAPPER3;$220Add to Cart
A8278RabbitCD200R1OX2R; MOX2R; CD200R; HCRTR2;$220Add to Cart
A8277RabbitCNTROBLIP8; PP1221;$220Add to Cart
A8276RabbitRNF166$220Add to Cart
A8274RabbitTP53INP1SIP; Teap; p53DINP1; TP53DINP1; TP53INP1A; TP53INP1B;$220Add to Cart
A8269RabbitARL6BBS3; RP55;$220Add to Cart
A8268RabbitATAD3BTOB3; AAA-TOB3;$220Add to Cart



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